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7 Facts About Tooth Whitening From Dentist In Surrey

1.  Tooth whitening is safe.  After carrying out an dental health assessment, your dentist will be able to recommend whether tooth whitening is the best treatment plan for you to achieve the desired results.

2.  Only trained dental professionals can whiten teeth.  It is illegal for anyone other than the dentist and their team members to carry out tooth whitening.  Anyone else offering tooth whitening (eg.  hairdressers, salon staff, beauticians) will not have the dental knowledge if your teeth or gums become damaged and cannot help if something went wrong.

3.  The alternative option.  Whitening will not change the shape of the teeth or damage the tooth surface.  It is often the easiest option as it does not require preparation of the tooth surface like veneers.

4.  Selecting the right product for you.  Your dentist will be able to advise and provide the right tooth whitening product for you.  Products provided by non-dentists may burn the gums or cause blisters on the lips due chemicals in the products.

5. How it works.  A careful concentration of whitening gel is placed in special custom fit whitening trays which are then placed into the mouth.  Your dentist will be able to advise how many treatments will be required to achieve the desired result.

6.  What to expect.  You may experience sensitivity when tooth whitening, this is normal and is only temporary and will fade after 24 hours.

7.  Over the counter kits may not be safe.  The products bought from high street shops or online often fail to show what chemicals are used and so it is difficult to assess their safety.

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