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New Snack Maybe Harmful To Children’s Teeth


Fruit puree snacks bought in packets may be a favorite for some children, but they may have a detrimental affect on the child’s dental health.

Some dental experts are advising parents to avoid giving  fruit puree snacks bought in packets to their children. The amount of sugar in the treats counteracts any possible positive effects the snacks may have.

Many come with plenty of sugar.  For example, one brand had 11 grams of sugar in the snack. This actually gives no nutritional value to consuming that much sugar when considering the size of the portion.

A big problem is if the snack is allowed to linger on the teeth which can happen if snacked constantly throughout the day.

It is important to give the snack in moderation or while drinking large quantities of water which will lessen the impact immensely.

See the following link for further details: http://www.dentistrytoday.com/todays-dental-news/8643-new-snack-may-be-harmful-to-childrens-dental-health

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