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7 Reasons To Visit A Dental Hygienist At Practice Near Alton

7 reasons to visit your dental hygienist at Time Dental near Alton in Hampshire









Why should you visit your dental hygienist?  Take a look at these reasons:

1. End of  bad breath. Using the techniques and advice to keep your breath fresh.

2. Keep your teeth looking better and brighter.  Teeth pick up staining which can be removed with a dental air polish.

3. Improve your general health.  Gum disease makes you at risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and premature birth.

4. Strong foundations. Keep your teeth with strong bone support.

5. Less likely to need fillings and reduce the risk of tooth decay by decontaminating the mouth

6. Protect your existing teeth and fillings

7. Can be combined with your dental healthy mouth reviews

Call or email us if these reasons are compelling enough for you.

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