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Top Tips 6 Month Smiles Adult Braces Dentist Farnborough

6 month smiles clear adult braces available at Time Dental near Farnborough, Hampshire

If you are wearing the new 6 month smiles adult clear braces or are about to embark on a course of treatment, here are some top tips to help you through the first few weeks:

1. Use dental wax– initially the braces can rub on the inside of your cheeks as your mouth gets used to them.  Warm a small piece of dental wax in your fingers and gently press on to the bracket which is making your mouth sore.  You can even reuse the wax so that you don’t end up having to constantly get through lots of it.

2. Keep tepe interdental brushes handy– using interdental brushes such as tepes in your pocket is really helpful.  Yellow sized tepe to get round the brackets and pink tepe to get in between your teeth.

3. Take paracetamol or ibuprofen for any discomfort– your teeth will be tender initially as they start to move. Taking analgesics helps.

4. Stick to soft foods– Eating is always tricky at first especially if you have biteguards which prop your mouth open.  Stick to eating foods such as porridge, soup (avoiding the tomato based ones as they will stain  the elastic ties), pasta, boiled vegetables (tomatoes and beetroot will stain so avoid those).

5. Avoid foods that can cause staining and debond brackets- Food with high colourings, curries with turmeric, red wine, high in colour mouthwash, tomato based sauces, hard or crunchy foods such as crusty bread, museli, grenola, nuts, raw vegetables.

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