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6 Top Tips To Beat Bad Breath By Dentist In Farnham, Surrey

How to beat bad breath with top tips from dentist in Farnham, Surrey

In our last blog we discussed the reasons for bad breath or halitosis.  Well try these top tips to beat the bad breath:

1. Gently clean the tongue. Twice a day after brushing your teeth gently brush the tongue which will remove the biofilm and debris that causes bad breath. Avoid scrapping the v-shaped taste buds at the very back of the tongue.  Either use your tooth brush or a tongue scrapper.

2.Eating a healthy breakfast with rough foods helps clean the very back of the tongue.

3. Chewing sugar free gum after meals.  If your mouth is dry  or when yo cannot perform oral hygiene measures after meals chewing helps stimulate saliva and can have a mechanical washing action for the food debris in the mouth

4. Take a glass of water to bed. The mouth can become very dry at night so having a small sip of water can help to keep the mouth moist and reduce bad breath.

5. Gargling just before bedtime with an effective mouthwash. Choose mouthwashes which have no alcohol as this can dry the mouth.

6. Maintaining a proper dental regime. This includes tooth brushing, interdental cleaning with floss or interdental brushes to remove plaque bacteria from between the teeth and regular visits to your dentist and dental hygienist to ensure you have the best home care and up to date preventative advice.

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