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Top Tips For Dental Health From Dentist Near Godalming

Time Dental near Godalming, Surrey recommends electric toothbrush for plaque bacteria removal and optimum dental health

Here is a top tip to ensure dental health.

Top tip number 1: use an electric toothbrush and learn to use it properly.

Studies have shown that brushing with an electric toothbrush is much more efficient at removing plaque bacteria than using a manual toothbrush. The top two leading brands are Oral B and Philips sonicare.  They both work in different ways but using the correct technique for either of these brands will give you excellent results. Both the brands have a range of brushes and I would recommend any of them depending on how much you want to spend and what features appeal to you. If you don’t want one with an in-built timer, just get a small 2 minute egg timer that you can use in the bathroom.

Hold the tooth brush horizontal to the outer tooth surface for a few seconds on each tooth. Then do the same on the inner surface and finally the biting surface on each tooth. Split the mouth into quadrants so that’s 30 secs each quadrant.  Don’t forget to brush the tongue as this harbors lots of bacteria which also cause bad breath.

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