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National Smile Month: Top Tip Visit Your Dentist At Time Dental

National smile month at Time Dental near Farnborough, HampshireNational Smile month continues with their 3rd top tip: visit your dentist at Time Dental near Farnborough, Hampshire regularly as often as they recommend.

The main reason to visit your dentist regularly is to ensure dental health and general well being. Did you know there are links between gum disease and heart disease, stroke and premature births?  What a compelling reason to visit your dentist! Especially when gum disease can be a silent disease which means you may not experience any symptoms while it is occurring in your mouth.

Common signs of gum disease can be bleeding gums, gum recession, bad breath, loose teeth, gum abscesses, or a bad taste in the mouth.  Catching the disease in the early stages is critical as the damage can be reversed.  However if the bacteria is left in the mouth the supporting bone foundations of your teeth can irreversibly destroyed.

Dentists are nice people nowadays.  If you’re looking for a gentle team give us a call. We would love to help you.

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