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The Bourne Show In Farnham By Local Dentist In Surrey

Farnham Castle in Surrey over looking the town near the Bourne showA great weekend of sunshine just gone. Great weather for the Bourne Show in Farnham, Surrey. Good family fun with lots of stalls, bouncy giraffe and pink castle for the kids and Pimms and beer  for the grown ups!  It was nice to see the community out in full support for a successful afternoon.

The beer drinking did get me thinking though. Beer can have a high acidic content. Anything acidic can attack the enamel which is the first layer of a tooth. If excess acidic is consumed through fizzy drinks, beer, lager, or sparkly mineral water, this demineralises the enamel layer which results in acid erosion. If the enamel is eroded through to the dentine layer this can result in decay, sensitivity and even death of the pulp (nerve) of the tooth!  So alcohol consumption in moderation is key to prevent tooth destruction.

If the tooth has already been damaged there are a number of ways to restore them back to health and prevent it from occurring again.

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