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Help Reduce Risk Of Heart Disease By Local Dentist Hampshire

Heart disease and the link to gum disease from your local dentist at Time Dental near Hampshire

I recently read an article about a Frimley Park Hospital surgeon who died from undiagnosed heart disease during a charity run in France at the age of 45. Now that was real shock. He had left behind a wife and three children.  In the post-mortem they found his coronary arteries only running at 25-50%.

Now this got me thinking. Life is certainly short and you need to make the most of every moment and staying healthy is crucial.  So how can you reduce the risk of heart disease? The obvious answers come to mind such as eating healthily and exercising, but did you know that gum disease is linked to a higher risk of heart disease? So one simple step to reduce the risk of heart disease is to ensure your gums and teeth are healthy and free of harmful bacteria.

So that’s another reason to ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy: not just for fresh breath and a bright smile but also for the heart and your general health.

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