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Top Tips: Healthy Teeth For Children By Dentist Near Alton

Alton news: top tips to help children with dental fitness by local dentist near Alton, HampshireGreat news for the Bentley Primary School under 11 girl’s cricket team!  Having one the local tournament to qualify and win the Hampshire finals; they are now onto to the Regional finals.  It’s fantastic to see children really take an active part in enjoying sport and staying healthy. That enthusiasm for general fitness and health can also be encouraged for their dental health too.

Try these top tips for children’s dental health:

  1. Brush with a small headed manual or electric tooth brush.
  2. Brush for 2 minutes. To help them have their favourite song playing in the background or to sing along to or try using a 2 minute egg timer.
  3. Help them to brush the teeth as well as the gums.
  4. Ensure they are using a fluoride toothpaste and spitting out the paste rather than swallowing it.
  5. Try giving them savory snacks for school. eg crackers, cheese, carrot sticks.
  6. Give sweets as treats instead of daily snack food.

See how you get on. Good habits like these will help your children stay healthy.

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