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4 Steps To Healthy Eating

Farnham Food fortnight and tips for healthy eating from Time Dental- Private dental care near Farnborough, Hampshire

Welcome to Time Dental’s healthy life corner. Easy steps to improve and maintain your dental as well as general health.

Eating properly has a huge impact on your dental health as well as your general health. Have a look at these 4 steps for healthy eating.

1. Snack less on sugary snacks. If you do need to snack between meals, try savory snacks rather than sweet ones. Sugary snacks will cause tooth decay, so opting for foods such as natural yoghurt, homous, cheese, unsalted soft nuts are much better alternatives than cereal bars and chocolate.

2. Try to avoid sugary, fizzy drinks. The sugar will cause tooth decay and the fizz will erode your teeth. They can also be high in calories. The best thing is to drink 8 glasses of water per day which will keep you well hydrated. If you do opt for the fizzy drinks try going for sugar free ones and better still drink them through a straw which will by pass your teeth.

3. Have a good breakfast. Many people skip breakfast yet it is an important start to the day. Fueling for the morning will help you to reduce snacking and see you through to lunch. High fibre cereals: porridge, Weetabix, Shredded Wheat are all healthy options. You could even combine them with your favourite fruit to start your day off well.

4. Eat your five portions of fruit and veg per day. This one is easy. Especially if you combine things like slicing a banana with your wholewheat breakfast cereal; having an apple straight after lunch; carrot sticks as a savory snack; a portion of vegetables with your dinner, even a glass of concentrated unsweetened orange juice drank through a straw.

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