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Trend Of Celebrity Teeth Makeover Grills Cause Dental Issues

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Katy Perry has it, Madonna has it, Rhianna has it, Beyonce has it.  A great singing voice? Not just that but the new celebrity fashion trend- dental grills.

Made popular in the 1980’s dental grills are usually made of gold and decorated with jewels. Celebrities may invest in good quality grills, however fans who try to emulate the stars may end up with cheaper poor quality materials that can actually damage your teeth, gums and possibly cause allergic reactions.

The current celebrities sporting the new fashion dental item are actually clip ons which are bespoke and fit properly to the teeth but more importantly can easily be taken off. If they are permanently fixed and are of a poor fit they can result in food trapping leading to tooth decay. Dental grills can make brushing your teeth difficult which can cause Plaque bacteria to easily build up causing gum disease and infections. If the dental grills are a mixture of different alloys they may also lead to severe allergic reactions.

It’s a unique look for sure, but not to everyones taste.

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