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The Future?? Brush Your Teeth In 6 Seconds!

The 6 second toothbrush reported by Time Dental, Farnham

We love keeping you up to date at Time Dental with the latest gadgets! A new toothbrush that the makers claim to be able to brush your teeth in 6 seconds. This is a custom fit toothbrush for your mouth. A scan is taken of your top and bottom teeth which is then fabricated into what looks similar to gum shields that have hundreds of bristles on the inside. The user then moves their jaw up and down and side to side. The makers say that the toothbrush eliminates the errors that people make when using a normal tooth brush but more research is needed.

The toothbrush lasts for a year and will cost approximately £250. While further research is being carried out on this new product have a look at Time Dental’s resident hygienist showing the correct technique for using an electric toothbrush.

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