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Tour Of Britain Inspires Cycling Surrey|Dentist|Time Dental

Tour of Britain winner Bradley Wiggins inspires healthy habits as well as healthy dental habits from Time Dental in Farnham Surrey

The Tour of Britain cycled through Farnham recently and it was great to see the community out on the streets waving the Union Jack. I took my daughters out to see the cyclists and catch a glimpse of Sir Bradley Wiggins and they enjoyed the 20 or so police motorbikes that went by waving to the crowds rather than the cyclists going by! The cyclists did zoom by in a blink of the eye so I can see why my daughters preferred the flashing lights of the police bikes.

It was certainly inspiring to have the Tour of Britain going through the town and getting the public excited about getting on the bike! Cycling is a brilliant way of staying healthy and creating a healthy habit is always a good thing. Many of our new patients who initially come to Time Dental are unaware of healthy dental habits. Here’s a top tip to help you create a healthy dental habit: Brush your tongue

I know that may sound strange but the tongue harbors lots of bacteria. It is this bacteria that produces smelly sulphur that contributes to bad breath or halitosis. To remove the bacteria that causes bad breath gently brush the tongue with your tooth brush or use a tongue scraper. This is a u -shaped piece of plastic that is gently used on the tongue from back to front to help remove the bacteria.

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