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Find Me An Emergency Dentist In Fleet, Hampshire

Where to find an emergency dentist near Fleet, HampshireDealing with dental pain can be very traumatic. Not only can it be very painful but you have to go and see a dentist and put your trust in them to not hurt you and also get you out of pain. The good news is Time Dental, your trusted local dental practice, is only 10 minutes from Fleet in Hampshire to help get you out of pain.

How do I stop dental pain?

Dental pain can occur for many reasons and its not always easy to get a dental appointment especially if it happens at night! Here are some tips to help you deal with the problems if you are having to wait to see your dentist.

If your tooth is broken- you can purchase a temporary dental filling from a pharmacy. Place this over the broken tooth to prevent exposure.

If a crown has come out- Again you can purchase a temporary cement to place in the crown and gently seat it back in the mouth

If you have a swelling in the mouth- take paracetamol or Ibuprofen (check you can medically take this) and use a warm salty mouth wash regularly to reduce the swelling.

In all of the above cases contact a dentist to help provide definitive treatment.

Time Dental is local to Fleet. If you are looking for directions to a gentle dentist to provide emergency treatment click on the link- HERE

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