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Where Can I Find A Gentle Dentist In Surrey?

Where can I find a gentle dentist and dental care that doesn’t hurt?

Patients say dentist doesn’t hurt, despite fears

A survey of dental patients in Farnham has found that trips to the dentist are pain free – despite nearly one in five people avoiding them through fear according to the British Dental Health Foundation1.

100 per cent of the Time Dental patients surveyed gave it the highest ‘gentleness’ rating of excellent, while the level of skill demonstrated by clinical staff was rated excellent by 96 per cent of the group.

Principal dentist Dr Taher Rashid said: “There is still a large number of people missing out on the well-known health benefits of modern dentistry because of a simple misconception – the dentist will cause you pain.

“Our results show this is not the case and I hope they will encourage anyone who is nervous about taking a trip to the dentist think again.”

One in ten people are estimated to suffer from extreme dental anxiety2 while the most common fears for visiting a dentist are having a tooth drilled (30 per cent) and having a local anaesthetic injection (28 per cent)3.

Around two per cent of the population have never visited the dentist2. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends adults have a check-up at least once every two years, and children at least once a year. Dentists offer recommendations based on a patient’s current dental health.

How can I overcome my dental phobia?

Time Dental tips for overcoming anxiety:

1.         Tell the dentist that you’re anxious so they know beforehand

2.         Pick an appointment time early in the morning so you have less time to dwell on it

3.         Take a friend with you to your appointment. The dentist won’t mind

4.         Agree a hand signal with the dentist to request a break and ask them to stop

5.         Take a personal stereo to listen to music during your visit. It will help you relax


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