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Where Is My Nearest Emergency Dentist Near Camberley, Surrey

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We are now on the run up to Christmas as people go shopping for presents. The last thing you need is toothache over the festive period. This is a common time of year when we see patients with toothache and it is normally the members of the public who have not been to see the dentist for a long time for their dental health check-ups.

So why does toothache happen? Well it can be for a number of reasons: tooth decay; gum disease; trauma; breaking a tooth on hard food; general health conditions that can affect your dental health such as diabetes. The list is long.

What do I do if I get toothache? The best thing to do is contact a dentist. They will be able to help you immediately and get you out of pain. The longer that it stays the worse it can get and more life threatening in can get be some cases if you have an abscess.

How can I prevent toothache? You’ve heard the old phrase “prevention is better than cure”, well it can also be applied to this. When you regularly see your dentist and hygienist they can catch things early and give you the best preventative advice to stop things before they become more complicated and costly. The statistics say that 50% of the population do not visit the dentist or hygienist regularly. That is a huge amount of the population with dental disease walking around undiagnosed waiting to turn into tooth ache before Christmas!

Those patients who see dentists routinely for the health check ups are less likely to have dental disease and require emergency dental treatment so start your New Year resolutions early and say hello to your dentist.

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