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Kick Start New Year With An Easy Way To Feeling Confident

After the indulging excess of Christmas why not kick start the New Year with an easy way to feeling confident? A New Years resolution maybe going to the gym and getting healthy again, but why not try an easy way to boost your confidence while starting your gym sessions?

Professional  tooth whitening is a fast way to feeling confident and looking good. Take a look at Time Dental’s tooth whitening gallery HERE.

To see if tooth whitening is for you read the following frequently asked questions:

Is tooth whitening for me?

Visit your dentist for an assessment first to see if it is a suitable option for you. Remember if you have lots of fillings, crowns or veneers they will NOT whiten.

Will I see a difference when tooth whitening?

Yes. If you use a professional system by your dentist you can see an average of 8 shades lighter.

How do I whiten my teeth?

There are 2 ways: Laser and professional tooth whitening. The gold standard is professional tooth whitening where custom fit whitening trays are made and the gel is placed into the trays and worn for 30 minutes a day for 10-14 days. The Laser whitening speeds up the process but you still need to use the whitening trays afterwards to stabilise the treatment.

Does it hurt?

No. Some people may experience sensitivity but this is only temporary.

Is it harmful?

No. Tooth whitening is completely safe when carried out properly.

Time Dental in Farnham, Surrey are currently providing a tooth whitening offer until the end of January. So pop in for a free consultation to see if your suitable.

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