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The Natural Look Is Back In Cosmetic Dentistry

How-to-create-the-No-Makeup-lookIt seems that the natural look for beauty is back. It doesn’t seem that long ago that make up was heavy with everyone knowing you were wearing it, the same seems to be true for cosmetic dentistry. We’ve noticed a trend away from that totally white and rather unnatural look for teeth, back towards a brighter, fresher and more natural appearance.

It seems the no make up, make up trend has hit dentistry too!

So what does this mean for cosmetic dentistry? What kind of treatments are people now looking for?

The brightest whitest teeth

A few years ago patients were asking for the brightest whitest teeth possible, when cosmetic dentistry was in its infancy we used to fulfil patient’s requirements by providing dental veneers. Veneers are a thin covering which is custom made to fit precisely over your natural teeth, these veneers can be made any colour we wish and so they were often made pure white.

Ultra-white teeth shade



In fact, the manufacturers of the high-strength dental ceramic which the veneers were made from had to create brand-new colours which were whiter than anything ever made before, these whiter than white colours were attached to the whiter end of the shade scale as you can see in the image above… The colours for the dental ceramic were being driven by the patient rather than by what colours were naturally occurring for teeth as has always been the case in the past.

This trend seems to be almost over and our dental practice in Farnham is being asked less and less to use this fabulously bright, white look… It seems that many people view it now as just too fake.

A more natural appearance

Teeth whitening results

What we are finding out is that patients prefer a more natural appearance for the teeth, albeit still considerably whiter and brighter than they started off. But how do we do this?

Whiter teeth with teeth whitening

Wherever possible we prefer to use professional teeth whitening instead of dental veneers. It is the most minimally invasive treatment on offer as it retains as much of your natural tooth structure as possible. Most dentists, including ourselves, would rather maintain as much of your natural tooth without having to trim away anything which is sometimes required for dental veneers.

It is generally considered that there are two options to whiten teeth, either professional home teeth whitening or in-chair teeth whitening.


This is where you will be provided with a custom made and precision fitting whitening tray. This tray is precision made to fit your own teeth and sits comfortably around your tooth/gum margin meaning that the whitening gel does not touch your delicate gum area. You will need to wear the whitening trays for approximately 40 min per day and for around two weeks.

The good thing with using home teeth whitening is that you can control exactly how white you go, so you are in charge of the natural appearance that you want to achieve with your whiter teeth.


When you have teeth whitening in the dental practice a high-intensity light is used to speed up the whitening process of the hydrogen peroxide gel. Some patients can experience mild sensitivity but generally speaking this does not last too long. After power whitening in the surgery you will also need to use the  professional home teeth whitening kit to stabilise the process, this gives you the ability to control how naturally white you want your teeth.


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