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How to stop tooth decay: Why you should clean in between your teeth

Brushing your teeth twice a day with the right technique as shown in the videos by our hygienist in our previous blogs, will help you to remove the harmful plaque bacteria that causes tooth decay from about 80% of the tooth surface.

The remaining 20% are interdental which are the surfaces in between your teeth. A toothbrush is too big to get in-between the teeth which is where interdental aids can help. Ideally you should clean interdentally twice a day, but even if you do it once a day your dental health will benefit.

The days of your dentist and hygienist telling you to floss more is now a thing of the past! That’s because now there are so many different types of interdental aids to help you keep the bacteria away such as dental floss, dental tape, flossticks, tepe interdental brushes, waterpicks and air flossers. Sometimes the decision is personal preference or you may need a combination of methods. The best way to see what works best for you is to have your dentist or hygienist assess your teeth and they will then be able to recommend the specific interdental aids to help you. It often takes practice and each method has a certain technique.

By cleaning in between your not only removing the harmful bacteria that cause tooth decay, your also removing the bacteria that cause gum disease so its a double benefit!

Have a look at this video from our resident hygienist at Time Dental. She’s showing the best way to use tepe interdental brushes.

Until next time!

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