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The 2 things dentists are asked about tooth whitening…

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There are two very common questions that people always ask me about tooth whitening:

1. Is it safe?

2. How long does it last?

Very sensible questions. With regards to safety: this depends on the ingredients of the tooth whitening gel. Over-the-counter products can be very acidic and can actually damage the teeth and gums. If you want to get it done properly the active product needs to contain hydrogen peroxide. There is a legal maximum that is allowed in Europe which is 6%. Professional tooth whitening gel supplied by your dentist is the safest to use. This is also because one particular tooth whitening gel supplied to dentists contains amorphous calcium phosphate which helps reduce sensitivity and strengthens the enamel.

The length of time your teeth will stay white depends on your lifestyle. So if you smoke, drink lots of red wine, tea, coffee, eat alot of curries, then your teeth will discolour faster than someone who doesn’t do those things. Teeth whitening can last between 8- 24 months. Once you have compelted the intial course of tooth whienting you only need to do a small top up in the future.

Tooth whitening products are NOT all the same and you need to make sure your teeth are in a good condition before starting any treatment. Have a chat with your dentist and they will be able to advise you properly.

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