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Why you really need to clean BETWEEN your teeth…

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“I hate flossing! It’s really fiddly and I cant get on with it.”

I hear this alot from my patients and yes it can be quite tricky if you’ve never been shown how. Even when you have been shown how there can still be a steep learning curve.

So why should you bother cleaning in between your teeth? Well brushing alone cleans about 80% of the tooth and gum surface and the remaining 20% is in between your teeth. Plaque easily gets stuck between your teeth and if it isn’t removed it can cause gum disease, bad breath, dental decay and your teeth may fall out.

You don’t have to use floss. There are quite a few different methods of cleaning inbetween your teeth. Get your hygienist to show you the best way for your mouth. Everyone is different so the trick is finding the right method for you.

One tool that many people are finding useful is called a floss pick (see the picture above). They are readily available at supermarkets and chemists. It has a small piece of floss between a u-shaped plastic holder. Very useful for getting in-between the tricky molar teeth.

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