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Top tips to help reduce your sugar intake…

Sugary drinks- Time Dental in Farnham, Surrey

The consumption of sugar has recently hit the news from Public Health England showing 30% of childrens sugar intake comes from sugary drinks. The problems arise from soft drinks and fruit juices containing very high levels of acids as well as sugars that lead to both tooth decay and tooth erosion

Tescos recently made a statement by removing high sugar drinks such as Ribena and Capri Sun from their shelves.

Time Dental have put together some tips to help you reduce your sugar intake to help keep your teeth healthy:

1. Sugar free cordials, water and milk are great alternatives to soft drinks and fruit juices. You could even drink through a straw to by pass your teeth.

2.Whole fruits or savoury snacks are an excellent choice rather than biscuits, cakes and sweets.

3. Try artificial sweetners in your tea or coffee. If you dont fancy that try gradually reducing the amount of sugar you take in your tea or coffee and slowly wean yourself off it. The benefits will be huge to your dental health.

4.Switch from sugar-coated cereal to whole grain breakfast cereal such as porridge, Weetabix, or shredded wheat. You could even add some fresh fruit to it instead of sprinkling with sugar. An easy way to count towards your five a day

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