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Dental implants part 5: Does having implants hurt?

Dental Implants at Time Dental in Farnham, Surrey

One of the main concerns patients have when discussing the option of dental implants is: Does it hurt?

The simple answer is NO they do not hurt.

When an implant is placed the area is anaesthetised with a local anaesthetic. You should not feel any discomfort when the implant is being placed. A highly skilled dental implant surgeon is able to place implants gently and quickly.

If the particular case is complex often sedation is offered to help you feel more relaxed during the treatment.

There may be some initial discomfort for a few days after the procedure but simple analgesics such as paracetamol can deal with that.

Most commonly patients report to us that having a dental implant placed is surprisingly comfortable and much easier to manage than having a tooth taken out!

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