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Jamie’s sugar rush….. Everybody should watch it!

Jamie's sugar rush- review by Time Dental in Farnham, Surrey

I’ve always liked Jamie Oliver. A brilliant chef with recipes that make cooking fun. However his latest documentary, Jamie’s sugar rush which was on Channel 4 earlier this week had a very important message.

After seeing a child being put under general anaesthetic for teeth removal, he investigates how much hidden sugars are in foods most people think are healthy such as cereals, fruit juice, flavoured water, stir-fry sauces and bread. The results may well shock you.

He goes on to show how our lifestyle is bombarded with sugary foods due to things such as tv ads and sweets placed at children’s eye level in supermarkets.

Further a field he shows the problem that is occurring in Mexico where they are trying to combat the problem with a sugar tax which Jamie wants to start in the UK. The money raised will be spent on children’s food education.

I think this is a brilliant campaign which will make a huge difference to our health. I highly recommend you watch the programme on 4 OD here.

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