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Farnham date for the diary….. The Alpha course: 13th January

Is there more to life than this? Why are we here? Is there a God? What’s the meaning of life?

Have any of these questions ever crossed your mind? Would you like to explore these questions? The Alpha course may be just the thing for you. 

The Alpha course is designed to help you explore these deep questions in a safe, open environment. It’s a 10 week course which helps you to explore the Christian faith in more depth. 

It’s being held at the Weydon Christian Centre in Farnham, Surrey starting on Wednesday the 13th January at 7:30pm. Come along for the Alpha supper for some food and a chance to meet other people looking to start the course. 

By the way the course is FREE!

This is what Bear Grylls, TV adventurer had to say about it….

I believe the Alpha Course touches lives. I have seen so many people find a personal relationship with God & a quiet strength in their life after doing the course – me included – and it takes a proud man to say he never needs any help. Alpha is a non pressured, and fun course, and it shows us how Christianity can be relevant and empowering to our lives. I’ve seen Alpha touch so many people over the years. I’ve seen it encourage people to find a very simple faith.



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