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Top tips from Time Dental to reduce your sugar intake…

Sugar advice from Time Dental in Farnham, Surrey

You maybe aware of the great sugar tax debate which has been going on. If not, where have you been?

In a nut shell, the government have been debating whether it’s a good idea to introduce a sugar tax on certain beverages and foods. The NHS CEO has already stated that they will introduce a 20% tax on sugary drinks in all hospital cafes by 2020, producing an extra £20-40 million for the NHS. The initiative has been developed to help tackle the problem of obesity. Naturally there has been a great uproar from the food manufacturing companies saying that this will not deal with the problem.

I agree that it is not the only solution. However there’s a responsibility for food manufactures to look into their food production process as well as health care professionals to give the advice and facts. The sugar tax is just a small step, but it does make the public think about their sugar consumption. Not only to deal with Obesity problems, but also diabetes and dental health issues. At the end of the day it is all your choice, but its important to make an informed descision.

Here a some top tips from Time Dental to help you with reducing your sugar intake:

  1. Download the sugar app on your iPhone. By scanning the barcode on food products it will give you a quick calculation on how much sugar it contains.
  2. Eat whole fruits and savoury snacks rather than sweets, chocolates, cake and sweet biscuits.
  3. Cut out sugar from your tea or coffee. You could try artifical sweetners instead.
  4. Switch to whole grain breakfast cereal such as porridge, Weetabix, or Shredded Wheat. You could even add some fresh fruit to help count towards your five a day.

Moderation is key. Small changes to your diet will make a huge long term impact.

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