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Why straighten your teeth in Godalming, Surrey


As your local Godalming dentist why wanted to let you know why smiling is so important. Did you know that when you meet someone for the first time they will make a decision whether they like you of not within seconds?

Think about when you meet people. Whether it’s for a date, for a job interview, meeting potential customers for your business. You’re meeting people all the time and to really help make the most of that first face to face contact, having a confident smile really helps. FACT.

So what could be the barriers from making that great first impression? Crooked, discoloured, misshapen, gappy, uneven teeth can all have an impact on how you smile. A very popular option these days is orthodontic teeth straightening. Now you may think that it’s too late to even contemplate orthodontic braces. Think again.

Teeth straightening has become sociably acceptable for adults, more so now than ever before. That maybe due to the fact that there have been significant advances in orthodontic teeth straightening technology. You can now have digital treatment planning which means you can see your end result even before you start any treatment. There are a number of treatment options that are clear and virtually invisible. Gone are the days of the metal traintracks!

Other reasons why orthodontics for adults is popular maybe due to the awareness of the impact of having a confident smile; treatment times can also be much shorter. Some of our case have been completed in only 6 months!

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