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Straight teeth in just a few months- Time Dental in Surrey

Before braces at Time Dental, SurreyAfter braces at Time Dental, Surrey

This is Clive. He comes to see us for his general dental care and hygienist appointments. One day he asks me if anything could be done about his crowded upper teeth and also make them whiter. I asked him how long it had bothered him for and he said many years but just had not thought to ask me!

So we discussed what could be achieved and went through his options to straighten them. His options included clear aligners, fixed brackets or a removable spring appliance called the Inman aligner.

All 3 options would work well for him. He was not really bothered what the braces looked like and just wanted the fastest option. In his case the Inman aligner was the appliance for him.

The aligner is a removable appliance that is only taken out when eating food or having a hot drink. It is relatively discreet, but the advantage of this appliance is that it works very fast because it use very gentle pressure.

We finished the case in 5 months and Clive was very pleased with the results. Due to his grinding habit he had worn the edges of two of his upper teeth. To help him achieve a whiter smile, we carried out professional teeth whitening which is a very simple and safe procedure. Once his teeth were whitened we also composite bonded the edges of his two teeth to restore the symmetry.

The results look great.

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