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before adult orthodontics at Time Dental in Farnham,SurreyAfter adult orthodontics at Time Dental in Farnham,Surrey

This is Sam. She came to see us at Time Dental, because she was getting married in 10 months. She was horrified by the thought and stress of having to smile in photos for her wedding day. She wasn’t happy with the way her upper teeth were crooked and the way that they overlapped. She wanted to get her teeth looking straight for her wedding day but didn’t know how or what could be done.

After discussing her main concerns and what she wanted her final smile to look like, we talked about how we could do this for her. We had photos of cases that we had treated which were similar to Sams situation. The time factor was most important, so she did not care what the orthodontic braces looked like. Luckily we had an option that would get to her end result in time for her wedding, and as a bonus look relatively discreet.

The fastest option was clear fixed orthodontic brackets. So gone are the days of metal traintracks. We can now use tooth coloured orthodontic brackets to make them more discreet.

She was happy with the treatment plan and we got working straight away. We had a deadline line to meet!

You can see the results for yourself. In 10 months we had got to a really nice position. We removed the brackets, placed retainers to keep her teeth in place and whitened her teeth for the best result.

All in time for the wedding. Which was a great success.

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