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Jubilee Church, Farnham wins top Farnham Carnival prize

Jubilee Church wins Farnham carnival top prize

Yes that is Dr Rashid in the right of that picture with an x-wing hat on his head!

Jubilee Church, Farnham walks away with 2 awards this year! Best in Group and Best in Show!

The theme of the Carnival this year was Disney, superheros and fairy princesses. Jubilee Church had a great idea thinking out of the box with a display of a space battle from Star Wars. Those of you may know that Disney bought the rights for Starwars. So it was a very unique entry!

The display included a full size Tie- fighter, a Death star and lots of x-wings, tie-fighters and even the Millennium Falcon! Each costume was hand made by individuals and families of Jubilee Church in Farnham.

The level of detail to the costumes were of an excellent standard. The only thing that could have ruined the display was the rain!

Fortunately the rain held off from the judging stage as well as the actual parade. The streets were full with families applauding the winners. Great fun had by all.

Well done to the clever design team by Sara and Anna. You’ve set the bar very high this year. What are you going to come up with next time?


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