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Will teeth whitening make them sensitive? – Surrey teeth whitening

before teeth whitening at Time Dental in Farnham, SurreyAfter teeth whitening at Time Dental in Farnham, Surrey

This is a very common question. Many of my patients who search for teeth whitening in Surrey on the web generally ask this question.

The answer is NO but only if they are whitened correctly and with the a professional teeth whitening system.

There are many so-called teeth whitening products out there that are actually very acidic and cause erosion of your teeth which can result in them being sensitive as the teeth have been damaged.

At Time Dental in Surrey, we use the professional gold standard teeth whitening package. This involves specially created teeth whitening trays that are custom fit which lock the gel to where the teeth are. We also use a gel system that only needs to be applied for 30 minutes every day over a 2-3 week period.

This gives a fantastic result for teeth whitening. We also take before and after photos and have a follow up appointment to check on your new white smile.

About 5% of the population experience temporary sensitivity for about 12 hours after the teeth whitening process. At Time Dental we provide special techniques to reduce any temporary sensitivity as part of your teeth whitening package.

The photos above give an example of the typical results you can achieve with our gold standard teeth whitening system.

If this interests you simply search “teeth whitening in Surrey” or easier still pick up the phone and call us on 01252 723 008.

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