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What is anti-wrinkle treatment and how does it work?

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You may have read about this or know someone who has had it. If you want more info about it you’ve come to the right place.

Anti-wrinkle treatment using a non-surgical method involves injecting into muscles that relax them. There are many brands that contain the same product. The ingredient in the product is a neurotoxin protein that is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum.

There are 2 types: Botulinum toxin type A and type B. It has been used in medicine for many years for example treating upper motor neurone syndrome; hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating); chronic migraine and bruxism; bladder and bowel disorders; as well as widely used in cosmetic treatments.

Botulinum toxin is commonly used for reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles and fine lines.

In order for your muscles to contract the nerve endings release a chemical messenger called acetylcholine (a neurotransmitter) at the junction the nerve endings meet the muscle. This neurotransmitter causes the muscle to contract.

When injected in small concentrations in facial muscles, botulinum toxin works by preventing signals from the nerve cells reaching the muscles. The muscle therefore cannot contract and stays relaxed thereby reducing the skin wrinkle occurring.

How is botulinum treatment done?

Botulinum toxin is administered buy diluting the powder with a saline solution. The solution is then injected directly into the muscle. It takes a few days for the muscle to relax and by the 2nd week it will be at maximum affect. The effects can last for 3-5 months depending on each case.

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