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Clear braces for straight teeth in Fleet



Most people when they think of braces imagine metal traintracks that are uncomfortable to wear and look very obvious. Well, did you know that Time Dental, your Fleet dentist, can provide orthodontic braces that are clear? If you thought it is too late to get your teeth straightened then think again. At Time Dental our niche is helping adult patients get the smile they have always wanted with orthodontic braces for adults.

Why Time Dental?

We have been providing dental braces for adults for years. We are trained and certified users of the Invisalign clear aligners, six month smile clear braces, clear smile braces and the Inman aligner. What this means is that we can give you the best options that suit your specific needs, so that you can choose the right brace that suits you.

If you have crowded and twisted teeth, or teeth with spaces or your front bite is not right, then we can help you get the confidence you have always wanted.


One option for clear braces in Fleet is Invisalign. They are the pioneers in clear aligner technology and therefore have a huge amount of historical data and research using this specific type of orthodontic brace.

There is now no need for metal train track braces and wires. Invisalign clear braces in Fleet use a series of clear aligners that look discreet, so there is no need for any embarrassment because no one need know you have braces! The clear aligners are changed to a new set every two weeks, so over a period of time your teeth become straight. The length of time your treatment will take is dependent on where your starting point is. Each case is individual and you dentist at Time Dental will be able to give you guidance on how many aligners it will take to get you to your end result.

How will my teeth stay straight after they are aligned?

After you have aligned your teeth you will be required to wear retainers. These can be removable or fixed. They help to keep your teeth in a straight position and are normally required for life. This will ensure you have a great smile in the future without the risk of relapse.

If you are interested in straightening your teeth, why not call us on 01252 723 008 for a FREE consultation at Time Dental? We would love to help you on your journey.

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