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Farnborough dentist for teeth whitening? Try Time Dental…

farnborough-dentistWinter is definitely upon us! It’s set to get colder this week so make sure you wrap up warm. There’s a prediction for snow this Christmas (isn’t there one every year?) but if you really want to make it a white Christmas why not make your smile a white one? If you want a Farnborough dentist for teeth whitening, then you should go to Time Dental.

How does smiling make a difference?

Your smile makes a huge impact on those around you. Just think about it. You’re more likely to speak to someone who has a warm smile aren’t you? Not showing your teeth and smiling is likely to put you off let’s face it. So if you want to have the confidence when smiling, teeth whitening may be the treatment for you.

Time Dental would be your local Farnborough dentist, with a winter offer of half price teeth whitening for a limited time only.

How do you whiten your teeth?

We use the gold standard for professional teeth whitening. Your initial consultation is FREE so we can assess to see if this is the right treatment for you. Once the dentist has ensured you are suitable for treatment, special custom fit teeth whitening trays are made from impressions of your mouth. The teeth whitening gel is placed into the trays which are then placed into the mouth. The trays are kept in place for only 1 hour and the process is repeated for approximately 14 days.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Professional teeth whitening is a very safe way of freshening up your smile. The teeth whitening gel is specifically designed for teeth whitening and with active ingredients to help reduce any possible sensitivity during the treatment. The specially design trays are specific for teeth whitening that hold the gel on the teeth..

Take advantage of the winter whitening offer at Time Dental. Call us on 01252 723 008

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