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Confidence with straight teeth after dental braces in Farnham

straight-teethWe see so many patients who feel they lack the confidence as they don’t have straight teeth. Often they say they hide their smile. They do this in a number of ways. First is to not show the teeth when smiling. Some people cover the mouth with their hands. Some people don’t smile. Some people show their “best” side in photos. Whilst others avoid photographs altogether! Do you do any of these?

If you do we can help! Did you know that teeth straightening with dental braces has become a very common thing to do especially with adults. There are a number of different options now available to you so you can correct different types of problems discreetly. You could even get your teeth straightened in as little as 20 weeks! How does that sound? Compelling?

How do you get straight teeth?

The best way is to get straight teeth is to move them into the correct position. Previously you could only do this by metal train track braces. Things have changed. You can have tooth coloured brackets and tooth coloured wire for fixed braces. There braces that are on the inside of your teeth that are truly invisible. Clear aligners is a system that also moves your teeth discreetly. There’s also the inman aligner that is used to correct the front four teeth.

Which option is best?

Well that depends on the situation. All the different braces systems are tailor made to suit your specific  case. Some situations have multiple options whereas other cases only one option will work best for the desired outcome. The best thing to do is have a consultation with our dentist who will be able to provide you with your options so you can choose which will be suitable for your lifestyle.

Time Dental in Farnham have been providing orthodontic braces for 9 years. So we know a thing or two about what works. Call us to see how we can help you on 01252 723 008

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