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Facial aesthetics dentist at Time Dental

facial-aesthetics-dentistAt Time Dental we sometimes get asked: “you’re a dental practice, why do you also have a facial aesthetics dentist for facial wrinkle treatment?”

What a great question! At Time Dental we not only look after your teeth and gums, but we look after your smile which is also part of your face. You’re not just a set of teeth to us, you are a person and an individual. So we feel that looking after your teeth, smile and face is all part of our philosophy of looking after you as a whole.

Dr Rashid is our facial aesthetics dentist and principal dentist. He has studied facial anatomy in immense detail over the last 20 years. Understanding your face, helps to understand your smile and teeth. For example, just by studying your face Dr Rashid is able to assess if you grind or clench your teeth. Strong chewing muscles can lead to a square face or jawline which can be softened with botulinum treatment. You can see and example of a strong jaw in the photo above.

Facial aesthetics by a dentist, especial our dentist, combines the science of human anatomy and the art of aesthetics.The face is made up of complex muscles, blood supply, nerves, skin tissue and many other facial anatomical features. You want your clinician to know this in great detail. An understanding of facial anatomy is an absolute must but this must be combined with the art of what looks natural. This is where Dr Rashids passion for painting and portrait drawing comes into play. He has the eye for what looks natural, which means he knows what looks aesthetically pleasing and how things should look naturally.

We can give you an honest idea of what to expect for your treatment and what will work for you. If you are interested, call us on 01252 723 008 to see how we can help.

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