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How to remove frown lines from Time Dental

remove-frown-linesFrown lines can make you look grumpy even when you’re not. They can also make you look older as the lines between the eyes look like wrinkles. So how can you remove frown lines?

This is a question we here alot at Time Dental. The great news is we have an answer that can help to remove the frown lines and soften them. Non-surgical treatment using botulinum injections can quickly and safely reduce the frown lines between the eyes.

There are a number of different brand names that you may have heard of but they all have the Botulinum toxin ingredient that helps to smooth and soften wrinkles.

It’s a toxin, so is it safe?

Yes it is very safe. It has been around for about 30 years and numerous studies have been carried out in its use. You would have to have an extremely large volume of the toxin in the body to have a toxic effect. The amount that is used for facial treatment is extremely low. The benefit of having this type of treatment long term means less product is needed as the muscles become less active naturally over time.

The treatment works by blocking the uptake of a neurotransmitter that makes the muscle under the skin contract. When the muscles does not contract, no wrinkles form on the skin.

The frown lines, or glabella area as it is called, are very common areas to treat. A skilled clinician like Dr Rashid at Time Dental would initially assess the muscles of facial expression and make calculations on where to inject and how much to use. As each person is individual, it takes a detailed understanding of facial anatomy to know where to place the injection sites. Dr Rashid has been providing this treatment for about a decade, so he knows what works and what to expect when you have this treatment and remove frown lines for the first time.


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