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Fine lines on forehead- how to treat without surgery

fine-lines-on-foreheadWhat can be done to treat fine lines on forehead? A very typical question from our patients at Time dental. Did you know you can have these treated safely and give you a youthful appearance?

Fine lines on forehead can really affect your self-esteem. It can give you a very tired look. Some people have very expressive eyebrows that can result in either horizontal lines on the forehead and vertical lines in between the eyebrows. Often people frown when they are concentrating which not only result in lines when the eyebrows are moving but also when they are static.

The muscle that lies across the whole forehead beneath the skin is called the Frontalis muscle. This is a muscle of elevation.: meaning it helps to raise your eyebrows and is also the muscle that is responsible for causing the horizontal lines on the forehead. The are two sets of muscles that are in action when frowning that cause the vertical lines in between the eyes. They are called depressor muscles: the procerus and the corrugator supercilli.

When the muscles contract they result in lines appearing. If there is significant activity, over time the muscles can come strong and pronounced with deep lines on the forehead. As we get older the skin becomes thinner due to loss of collagen and elasticity.

The most successful way of treating these lines is using botulinum injection treatment. The fine injections are placed specifically into the muscles to help them relax.and reduce the contraction thereby reducing the lines forming. There is a great deal of artistry involved to creating a very natural look. Most people do not want a frozen forehead as it can look quite obvious that treatment has been done. Subtly is the secret to having a natural look and that comes with an experienced clinician.

Dr Rashid is the Facial aesthetics clinician at Time Dental. He has been providing this treatment for a decade now and nows how to give the natural look.

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