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Forehead wrinkles that age your face- What to do?

forehead-wrinklesAt Time Dental, we have many patients both male and female ask us what can be done about forehead wrinkles. Forehead wrinkles can appear at a variety of ages from as young as 18 years old. They become much more obvious as we get older.

There are a number of muscles in the forehead area. However the main muscle that causes the horizontal lines on the forehead to appear is called the frontalis muscle. This covers the entire forehead and the muscle starts at the hairline and finishes just above the upper rim of your eye socket (orbital rim). The frontalis muscle is called an elevator muscle, which means it lifts or elevates the eyebrows as it contracts.

Some people have very expressive eyebrows and are much more likely to have horizontal lines across the forehead due to the frontalis muscle being very strong and active. These types of cases can result in forehead wrinkles from a very early age. As we get older the skin loses its elasticity and fat layer and this can result in an increase in forehead wrinkles.

An excellent way to prevent these from forming and giving an aged look is to use botulinum treatment. Often people will ask: will it give a frozen forehead look? The answer is not if it is done correctly. Our facial clinician Dr Rashid has been providing this treatment for about 10 years and understands facial anatomy and movement. This is crucial in getting a natural result. Some people prefer to have hardly any movement, where as others prefer a subtle result that allows movement still softens the horizontal lines. Only with clinical experience in this type of treatment gives the correct result.

Botulinum treatment is very safe and effective. It has been used for decades and the treatment can be completed in minutes. The important point to remember is that everyone is different so your treatment plan will be bespoke to you and how active your facial muscles are.

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