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Why you need to treat wrinkles on face at Time Dental…

wrinkles-on-faceAt Time Dental, Dr Rashid is often asked how to treat wrinkles on face. You may ask: he’s a dentist, why is he treating wrinkles?

That is a great question, and there are a few reasons why. If you’re considering non-surgical treatments for wrinkles on face, you need to find a clinician that fully understands facial anatomy and where the blood supply and nerves are in the face. Complications can arise if there is no deep understanding of this. Which is why as a dentist, Dr Rashid has had extremely detailed training in facial anatomy, as he is working in the mouth area all the time, which also impacts the surrounding cheeks, muscles and face. This point cannot stressed enough: Detailed understanding of facial anatomy is ESSENTIAL to be able to provide this type of treatment and that is what Dr Rashid has.

Non-surgical facial wrinkle treatment requires injections. Dr Rashid gives injections all day and with experience and extensive training has learnt to give near painless injections. So this will make your treatment as comfortable as possible.

As someone who enjoys painting and drawing portraits, Dr Rashid has the eye for what looks aesthetic. It’s not just about the anatomy, you also need an artistic eye for this type of treatment. Anyone who has been to Time Dental can see Dr Rashids art work on display.

Training in this field of non-surgical treatment is mandatory. At Time Dental our clinician has been trained by leading pioneers of facial aesthetics. Modern advances and understanding of how the face ages has changed and developed over the years. So an up-to-date technique and understanding of the aging process is critical. Our clinician has been providing this treatment for over 10 years and the latest techniques are always used to provide the best natural look.

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