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Can I rid tear troughs with filler treatment?

tear-troughs“I’m always looking tired”. “I’ve got these dark shadows under my eyes”. “Can you do anything with these tear troughs?” We get these statements and questions alot at Time Dental as we also provide facial care as well as dental care.

What are tear troughs?

The tear troughs are the grooves that sit between the lower eyelid and the upper part of the cheek. They can start appearing in your early twenties. There is an attachment the runs under the eye area and as we get older the skin becomes slacker and the muscles and fat loss around this area results in a hollowing called the tear trough. It can be seen more obviously once you get to the age of 35 and over.

This hollowing under the eye gives a very tired aging look. The first step to reducing these types of hollows is to ensure you have healthy skin. This can be achieved by good hydration, moisturising and skin boosters. The next step would be an assessment for fillers in the tear trough area. This is extremely important as photographs are taken at the consultation to ensure what you want achieving is actually realistic.

What affects do hyaluronic acid fillers have?

Fillers use hyaluronic acid which is a substances that naturally occurs in the body. When injected into the hollows, this immediately softens them out reducing the appearance of the tear trough. The treatment can last between 8-14 months. Understanding anatomy is crucial for this type of treatment. Various nerve and blood supplies run in this area, so it’s important you have a clinician who knows their anatomy.

Dr Rashid has been providing fillers treatment for 10 years and was trained by the best in the field of facial aesthetics. As facial aesthetics knowledge and understanding develops over the years Dr Rashid stays update to date with the latest techniques to provide safe and natural looking results.

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