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Will my forehead look frozen after facial treatment?

frozen-after-botoxWhen patients come to see us at Time Dental for the first time for facial aesthetic treatment, the question: “Will my face look frozen after Botox treatment?” is a very common question. The first thing we explain to patients is that Botox is just a brand name for the purified ingredient called Botulinum toxin A. Other companies produce this type of product with brand names Azzalure and Bocoture. Patients are just familiar with a name they hear most often.

Most patients say that they just want a subtle look and to avoid the frozen forehead. Botulinum treatment has been come very popular. Gone are the days where the frozen look cannot be spotted. The public are much more aware of this type of treatment and what it can look like when the forehead is frozen. So now patients request a softening of the wrinkles to help achieve a fresh look.

This subtle and nuanced result can be achieved by an experienced clinician. They will understand facial anatomy and will have carried out the treatment enough times to know the art of using this type of treatment to soften wrinkles.

Dr Rashid has been carrying out this type of treatment for over 11 years. He is very experienced in providing a bespoke course of treatment and knowing how much product to use and where to place it. When having this treatment carried out for the first time, it is actually complex to gauge how your facial muscles will respond. That’s why Dr Rashid is always very careful to explain what the effects are and what to expect. Often treating conservatively is best initially to see how your muscles respond to the treatment. It is also very important to always carry out a 2 week review appointment to see if any adjustments need to be made.

The effects often last 3-4 months and when you have your treatment repeated your clinician will then have a better understanding of your facial muscle strength and movement which makes the results of your next treatment even better.

If you’re interested to see how we can help you, call us on 01252 723 008 to book a consultation appointment with our facial clinician Dr Rashid.

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