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How can I straighten crooked teeth quickly?

straighten-crooked-teethThis is a question we hear alot at Time Dental. Many people ask this question for different reasons. Most of the time patients find that they won’t show their teeth when they smile in photos. Sometimes they will cover their mouth with their hands to stop showing their crooked teeth. But we can straighten crooked teeth quickly.

Lots of people think it’s just vanity when getting your teeth straight, but this is not the case. Studies have shown that as we get older our teeth will move. Our lower front teeth especially become crowded over time. This is simply a natural aging processes. But as well as not looking very nice, it is much harder to keep your teeth clean when they are crowded together. So that’s another reason why you should get your teeth straightened if they are looking crowded. Not only we you feel more confident, but you will also be able to keep your dental health at its best.

There are many different options for straightening your teeth. The best way is to treat the teeth using dental braces or orthodontics. Adult orthodontics is a way of moving your teeth into the correct position. Treatment times can vary depending on what the goals are and what the initial starting point is.

Every case is different, just like every person is. Treatment times could vary from 12 – 24 months. Upper and lower front teeth alignment can be treated with the Inman aligner in 3-4 months. However it is very case selective. Other treatment options include tooth coloured fixed orthodontic braces, clear Invisalign aligners or fixed lingual braces.

Each treatment mode has its pros and cons. It’s important that they are all discussed with you so that you make the right informed decision. The other important point to understand is the retention after orthodontic treatment. Retention using removable and fixed retainers are the appliances used to ensure your teeth stay straight.

If you want to know further information about how to straighten crooked teeth, call us on 01252 723 008.

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