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Is orthodontics painful when straightening teeth?

orthodontics-painfulOne of the common questions we get at Time Dental about adult orthodontics: Is orthodontics painful when straightening teeth? This is a completely valid question and requires more than a simple yes no answer.

There are many types of adult orthodontic braces. They work in different ways to achieve a similar result, so it’s important to choose an option that’s going to suit your lifestyle.

The first are the traditional fixed train track braces. These are fitted to the front surface of your teeth. However, advances in technology allow the brackets to be clear or tooth coloured. That means gone are the days of metal braces (which are still used today). Now you can have more discreet braces so you don’t have to feel as self conscious.

These types of braces are used from simple to much more complex cases and so have a much broader range of treating a variety of issues. The braces uses very gentle pressure to move the teeth which is not painful. The main issue is when the braces are first fitted and the brackets can rub on the cheeks for the first few weeks until your mouth gets used to them.

Another type of brace are the clear aligners. A well known brand is Invisalign. These use clear aligners that incrementally move your teeth over time. Each aligner is worn for 7-14 days. The number of aligners needed to treat your case varies depending on the complexity of each case. This type of braces is very discreet and the teeth can be tender for 24 hours when changing to a new aligner. Nothing a simple course of analgesics couldn’t sort out.

A third type are lingual braces. These are fixed brackets that are attached on the inside of your teeth which make them truly invisible. But because they are still brackets on the inside they can often make your tongue very sore for the first couple of months when adjusting to them. You will also speak with a lisp initially. This can last for 1-4 months maybe longer.

As you can see each system has pros and cons. Is adult orthodontics painful? Well, teeth can sometimes be mildly uncomfortable at the beginning and then settle. It’s morwee  about how your mouth adjust to the appliances.

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