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Reasons to visit dental hygienist in Farnham?

reasons-to-visit-dental-hygienistWhat are the reasons to visit dental hygienist at Time Dental? They just clean your teeth don’t they?

WRONG! They are an important part of your continuing dental health care. Dental hygienists are specifically qualified to carry out debridement and disinfecting the bacteria in the mouth above and deep below the gum line. Bacteria and calculus (tartar) that develops under the gum line is too hard for you too clear away. That’s where the dental hygienist can really help.

Here are 5 reasons to visit the hygienist:

  1. Fresh breath. Bacteria and food debris that gets stuck under the gums and around teeth release foul smelling odour that can be the cause of bad breath. Visiting your hygienist will help to remove the odour producing bacteria and help you keep a fresh breath, Particularly important for Valentines day!
  2. Help provide strong foundations for your teeth. The bacteria in the mouth once under the gum line can end up destroying the boney support of your teeth. The bone surrounding your teeth are the foundations and if gum disease takes hold you can end up with abscesses and loose teeth.
  3. Help keep your existing fillings, retainers and crowns at optimum health. If plaque bacteria traps around fillings or crowns and bonded orthodontic retainers it can result in early failure and progress to tooth decay. Hygienists can help smooth rough surfaces and ledges on fillings to stop the harmful bacteria from getting trapped.
  4. Detect possible oral/mouth cancer. As well as assess the health of your gums, your hygienist will also assess the soft tissues that surround the mouth. This can be crucial in the early diagnosis of oral cancer.
  5. Provide you with the best ways to keep your mouth healthy and your general health in tip top shape. Did you know that there are links between gum disease and heart disease,diabetes and strokes? Well now you do. Your hygienist can give you the most up to date skills for your home care to reduce the risk of the other serious medical health conditions.

What better reasons to visit dental hygienist at Time Dental?

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