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Why you should be practising Mindfulness…

mindfulnessI’ve been reflecting on the current national and global Covid situation. At this current lockdown stage it’s vital to keep yourself healthy. Being at home can be tense and stressful whether you have children or whether you are on your own. I’ve found there are certain habits that have helped that I would like to share.

We live in a very busy world. Lots of things on the “to do list”. The advances of technology means that you’re required to multitask and we often miss out on what we are actually doing and how we’re feeling.

As well as the usual eat well and exercise, I’ve found that practising mindfulness really helps. For those that don’t know, or who have heard the term but are not sure what it means; Mindfulness is the practice of focusing your attention on the present moment and accepting it without judgement.

This type of meditation is a proven technique that improves both physical and psychological well being as well as positive changes in behaviours, health and attitudes.

Mindfulness improves well being, Many people who practice it find that they are less likely to be caught up about worries about the future or past regrets. It can help you to be fully engaged in activities and can help give you the capacity to deal with adverse events.

Mindfulness improves physical health. By practising daily it can help relieve stress, lower blood pressure, reduce chronic pain and improve sleep.

Mindfulness improves mental health. In recent years mindfulness has become an integral part of treatment for depression, eating disorders, anxiety disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

There’s more than one way of practising mindfulness. A basic form is to sit quietly and focus the attention on the breath. Feeling the sensations around your ribs as you breathe in and as you breathe out. Counting each breath that passes helps to keep the focus on breathing and allow other thoughts to come and go.

An excellent phone app to help you start the Mindfulness journey is Headspace. I thoroughly recommend it.

Stay safe at this time. Treat your mind to some peace and space. Further tips from Time Dental to come….


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