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Zoom and facial wrinkles? What is the connection?

zoomWhat’s the connection between Zoom and facial wrinkles? No this is not a joke! As we come out of lockdown we’ve noticed many patients contacting us for wrinkle softening with botulinum treatment.

As the nation has being conducting Zoom meetings as part of the new way of life, you end up looking at your face more on the screen. There are no filters that you can place on a Zoom meeting! So you end up noticing the wrinkles on your face more. This is quite normal, but as you weren’t able to do anything in lockdown now you can as we ease out of it.

If you have wrinkles on your forehead, frown lines and lines by the side of your eyes (crows), you can get something done about it. Botulinum treatment is a safe and effective way to treat these aging wrinkles.

As we get older the skin loses its elasticity and we also lose the fat under the skin layer. This results in the formation of lines on the face. The other reason we get lines especially around the forehead, in between the eyes and lines by the eyes, is if they are very active. So if you have a very expressive brow you will more likely have lines as you get older.

Botulinum treatment placed in these areas can soften the wrinkles in these areas. It does these by blocking the uptake of an transmitter that makes the under lying muscle contract. This has the effect of reduced muscle activity and so reduced wrinkle formation.

Botulinum treatment is very popular with patients of all ages. If carried out by a clinician who understands facial anatomy and facial aesthetics, a very natural appearance can be achieved. So there’s no fear of having the frozen appearance when treated correctly.

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