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Composite bonding at your dentist in Farnham

composite-bonding-at-dentist-in-farnhamSince the covid pandemic started, there has been a huge increase from patients  asking about composite bonding at your dentist in Farnham.

What is composite bonding?

This is a cosmetic treatment that uses composite filling material to improve the shape, colour and size of your front teeth. The size of the bonding can range from a small corner of the tooth to the entire front surface.

When would I need composite bonding?

If you have chipped or worn the edges of your teeth. If you want to improve the colour. Lengthen them, improve the shape and form. There are many reasons why composite bonding is a great option to improve your smile.

How long does it last?

Composite bonding looks its best for about 5 years. We would recommend seeing your dentist yearly for a maintenance appointment to  repolish and shine of your bonding. Composite is very strong but they can still chip or break so you need to look after them. They may need replacing in 5 years time.

Does it damage your teeth?

Composite bonding is a very minimal preparation procedure. Which is why it’s so safe to do. There is very little damage if any to your teeth. In most cases you are actually replacing the part of the teeth that has been worn/chipped.

Can anyone have composite bonding?

Like with all procedures there are risks and benefits. The first step is to carefully analyse your smile by your qualified dentist. Not all cases are suitable and not all composite bonding is the same. Composite bonding is a highly skilled technique and must be carried out correctly.

How much is composite bonding?

Each case must be assessed individually. Everyone is different and have different colours, textures and highlights. You can expect to pay from £300 per tooth and upwards for composite bonding.

To see how composite bonding at your dentist in Farnham can improve your smile, call us at Time Dental on 01252 723 008 to speak to our highly trained team


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