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Dental Implants in Farnham

Dental implants in Farnham: Your top questions answered

Is it worth me getting dental implants? Does this dental treatment really work? These are the most common questions that our dental patients ask when they’re facing tooth loss. Read this article to find out all about dental implants and whether they’re right for you.


What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a small titanium post that is placed into the jawbone. The implants are an alternative to dentures and are a modern solution to replace one tooth, several teeth, or all teeth in your mouth. At our Dental Practice, you’ll find they are a way to ensure that you have a natural-looking, permanent solution for missing teeth. 

Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth, so you can achieve your perfect smile. The titanium implant is inserted into the jawbone. It fuses with the bone, providing a solid foundation for secure replacement teeth whilst a specially designed crown is fitted on top for a natural appearance.

What are the alternatives to Implants?

The first alternative is to do nothing, and in fact, this is precisely what some do. However, the risk of doing nothing can result in teeth moving into the space and cause potential problems further down the road. Alternatively, if you have only a few missing teeth, you may consider a dental bridge or dentures.


By using a dental bridge, you will support a replacement tooth in your gap by utilising the teeth on either side. This requires your surrounding teeth to be in a healthy enough condition to support the tooth. However, a disadvantage to this method is that the surrounding teeth will also have to be trimmed to accept the supporting abutment.


A denture is also an option to replace missing teeth. These will help to maintain the space and prevent healthy teeth from tilting or drifting. However, there are disadvantages to having dentures. They are designed to help with functions such as eating and speaking, but they can initially feel “bulky” in the mouth.


What can you eat with dental implants?

The best thing about dental implants is that you can eat almost anything you want once they are in place and fully healed. Like natural teeth, when you have dental implants, you should avoid foods that can cause problems. These include:

  • Hard and crunchy snacks
  • Hard sweets
  • Nuts
  • Bakery products

Will it affect my smile?

Not at all. Dental care with Time Dental in Farnham favours dentistry designed to provide you with the best smile possible. Our implants are made of high-grade titanium and are placed exactly where your natural tooth would be, which results in a beautiful, natural-looking smile.

The best way to find out more is to visit us. We can guide you through the process of getting dental implants, answer any questions you have, and provide personalised treatment plans.

How long is the process of getting dental implants done?

The implant dentistry journey is a long-term investment. The process from start to finish usually takes about four to six months or more; however, each appointment is shorter than you’d think. The reason that implant treatment takes months is that jaw bone healing needs to occur between dental visits. 

Our experienced team understands that this can be daunting. We always provide a wide range of cosmetic solutions and advice to help you maintain a healthy smile during these interim periods.


What are the costs of dental implants?

The average investment of a single tooth implant surgery placement in the United Kingdom is between £1500-£2500. There are also different crown options that can range between £1500 – £2500. Implants are a private treatment and use state-of-the-art equipment, clinical excellence, and advanced techniques to reach the most consistent outcomes for our patients.

We believe finances shouldn’t be a barrier to dental treatments. Please speak to one of our friendly team about flexible payment options to spread your dental treatment fee.

What types of dental implants are available?

There are three main types of implants, namely:

  1. Single-tooth implants
  2. Implant bridges 
  3. Implant dentures 

The most common type is the single-tooth implant, which replaces a missing tooth or teeth with a titanium post and crown, and can last for up to 25 years or more. As part of your implant examination, we’ll discuss the complete range of available dental services and provide a bespoke treatment plan.


Single Tooth Implants 

These implants are used to replace a single lost tooth. Single tooth implants may be the best alternative for individuals who do not want to replace missing teeth with a bridge or denture. If neighbouring teeth are lost, implants can be supplemented without having additional surgery in the future.

All-on-Four/All-on-Six Same Day Teeth

These implants can be used to replace a tooth in an arch or a group of teeth. Many treatments can be completed and utilised on the same day. All-on-Four/All-on-Six has several advantages, including quicker healing and a higher success rate in repairing complete arches without bone grafting.

Implant Retained Dentures 

Implant retained dentures may be a good choice for those used to wearing dentures but want additional stability. Implant-retained dentures are dentures that are attached to implants and operate similarly to pop buttons in that they maintain dentures in place while you go about your day. Implants are particularly beneficial for dentures with poor suction and retention.

What to do now…

Book a consultation and ask us how we can help renew your smile confidence!

If you’d like to know more, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team on 01252 723 008


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